Preparing to Fly

At breakfast time tomorrow morning a taxi will hopefully arrive at the end of our drive, waiting to whisk me to Heathrow Airport, ahead of another week in Frankfurt, Germany.

I spent this morning ironing clothes into a travel suitcase that has accompanied me all over the world. Perched atop the suitcase are clothes for the morning - to travel in, and to wear during the evenings throughout the week. I’m staying at a small hotel across the road from my ultimate destination - the 28th floor of an office building that looks out over the Frankfurt financial district.

And yes, I’m starting to stress out.

The flights and hotel are already paid for - as is breakfast in the hotel. I’m going to try and turn my body-clock around while there, getting up a couple of hours earlier than normal. Walking along the riverside among the early morning runners and cyclists seems like a nice way to greet each day, weather permitting.

Before any of that happens I need to make a decision on the Filofax, the Bullet Journal, the Moleskine, or no notebook at all. Over the past few weeks I seem to have fallen off the Bullet Journal horse - perhaps because each week has been much like the last. The idiocy of filling calendar entries in triplicate between Outlook (for work), Google Calendar (for home), and the bullet journal has not been lost on me. I think the Moleskine may win out, purely as a notebook to carry into meetings, or to accompany me on walks along the river.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I have an appointment with Amazon, to see what free movies I might fill my tablet with. Streaming is almost non-existent in Germany, particularly if you’re not from Germany, so I tend to arrive armed with all manner of things to watch, listen to, or read - just in case. Of course I will spend most of my free time blogging, but that’s not the point.

I expect the next blog post will be sent from a hotel room in Germany, having survived the journey. Fingers crossed.