Thursday in Frankfurt

It feels like I’ve been in some sort of bubble during this visit to Frankfurt. Since arriving from the airport on Monday afternoon, I haven’t really gone anywhere, or done anything outside of visiting the supermarket, the office, and a nearby restaurant. I have seen no “life”. Perhaps if the weather improves this evening (as it looks like it might), I will go for a walk around the city - explore a little.

Before that I have to endure a final day in the office. Apparently I’m being taken out for lunch today, so have no requirement to go and buy anything for a change. I suppose this also means I’ll get less done.

I half watched the England game at the World Cup last night. I switched it off a little way into the second half, because it was becoming more and more obvious that we weren’t going to win - and wasn’t really surprised at all when I checked before going to bed, and saw the score. The press are trying to find positives this morning, but the harsh reality (as far as I can see) is that England scored nearly all of their goals throughout the competition from set-pieces, and were very fortuitous in the draw of teams they played.

Anyway - enough about football (I’m not really a huge fan, if you hadn’t guessed).

While here (in Frankfurt) I have been getting up at 6am each day, and making it down for breakfast by 6:30. I’m not entirely sure why. I suppose it gives me an hour afterwards to sit in my hotel room, and gather my thoughts. I’ve been paying for breakfast in the hotel as part of the booking fee while staying - it’s ridiculously expensive, but work is picking it up as expenses so I don’t really mind.

I’ll be tempted at the end of today to just sleep I think.

Anyway… one more day, then home on Friday. My flight is at lunchtime, so I’ll get to have a relaxed breakfast for a change. Fingers crossed.