A New Laptop

Well… when i say “new”, I really mean “new to me”. For the last couple of years I have been carrying around a hand-me-down laptop that used to belong to one of our children. I ended up running Linux on it, because it’s not really capable of running anything more than that.

Well that’s all about to change. Earlier this week one of my co-workers arrived in the office with a new toy - a second hand laptop he had bought from E-Bay. I have to admit I was hugely impressed. He had essentially bought a laptop that had cost à ƒÃ‚ ƒÃƒ ‚ ‚à ƒÃ‚ ‚à ‚ £1200 six years ago for about 8% of it’s original price.

I’ve now done the same. I did my homework, compared ten or so of the same machine that had appeared on E-Bay, and chose one from a professional referbishment factory. I guess you could call it a “recycled” laptop. I’ve already ordered more memory, and a new solid state hard drive for it - it’s going to be fast. I also checked the price of replacement batteries, and was pleasantly surprised. Sure, it’s not going to run all day like modern laptops, but it will last for a good few hours away from the power supply. That’s good enough.

I almost forgot - it’s got a touch screen, that flips around to turn the laptop into a tablet. Now there’s a party-piece I’m never going to use. Perhaps more importantly, it has a VGA socket - so I’ll be able to plug it into the projectors we inherited from the school.


I guess it’s time to dig out the Scrivener license key.