It’s my other half’sà ƒÃ‚ ƒÃƒ ‚ ‚à ƒÃ‚ ‚à ‚  “official” birthday tomorrow - the party is on Saturday night. I just bought herà ƒÃ‚ ƒÃƒ ‚ ‚à ƒÃ‚ ‚à ‚  “official” birthday present from me - a subscription toà ƒÃ‚ ƒÃƒ ‚ ‚à ƒÃ‚ ‚à ‚  “Bookishly”.

Bookishly is one of the many subscription delivery services that have become popular in recent years - this particular subscription will deliver ausedclassic paperback book through the post along with some nice tea each month. We talked about which subscription might be best - this one won through because (a) we’ll be helping recycle old books, and (b) second hand books smell wonderful.

Oh, and I ordered the mug too, because they totally saw me coming.