By Any Other Name

I’ve been wrestling with the idea of changing the name of this blog over the last few days - away from my name to something vaguely interesting and different. Of course that presumes the content is about to become interesting and different - and that presumption would be incorrect. I’ve been emptying my head into this thing for the last however many years, and I can’t imagine I’m about to change any time soon.

I’m not really sure why the idea occurred to me to change the blog name. I suppose it just seems a little boring, and little bit vain - naming your blog after yourself. At least it’s easy to find though, right? I can’t imagine who would be LOOKING for it (apart from the inevitable lunatic looking for muck to fling at me), but.. I don’t really know where I was going with this anyway.

What COULD I change it to? The only names I can come up with are either insufferably “clever”, or cretinous in the extreme.

  • Majestically Mundane (I like alliteration) * Forgettably Unforgettable (kind of recursive) * One Man Went to Blog (sounds too much like he went to the toilet)

I’ll stop right there. It’s not great, is it.

If I name it, there’s also the question of that to do with Instagram, Twitter, and all the other online idiocy. Even though I don’t use them (well… I do use Instagram when the mood takes me) the OCD in the back of my brain would kick in, and not be happy if they don’t all align like some fantasy squadron of social media battleships - sailing into seas unknown.

So no - I’m not going to rename it. And you just spent five minutes reading about something I’m not going to do. This might actually be a fruitful source of blog posts when I have nothing to report - “things I didn’t do today”, or “things I’m not going to do tomorrow” - I might be on to something…