Fiery Comets

Today started badly and got worse. I’m not going to go into what went wrong, why, who caused it, or anything like that. It was more a case of dancing among the flames, trying to decide where to stack the heaps of fire that kept breaking out around the project I have been working on for the last year. This is all symbolic by the way - there was no real fire - just lots and lots of broken programming, accompanied by gnashing of teeth, swearing quite a lot, and discussing the drama with anybody that might be listening without actually checking to see if they were listening (they were not).

It’s all going to be fine. By the time I left the office, the fires were out, and unanticipated lessons had been learned about fire fighting techniques for the weary software developer.

While cycling home from work I remembered there was one beer left in the fridge from the weekend, which brightened my mood considerably.

After stepping through the back door this evening, the cares of the day vanished quickly. Listening to my children tell the story of their day tends defeat stress pretty quickly - hearing that two class mates have fallen out and are now not talking to one another is far more exciting than thinking about seventy thousand lines of code crashing into a pretend city like a fiery comet.