Friday Night

I just spent the last few minutes standing in the back garden, waiting for the International Space Station to pass overhead. After a week of clear blue skies, tonight we have blanket cloud cover - of course we have - because the universe likes to take a giant shit on us from as great a height as possible if it gets the chance.

Oh well. The space station will be back in 90 minutes - and so will the cloud.

I remember the year I bought my telescope - I paid for half, and my parents paid for half as a Christmas present. I think we had blanket cloud cover until mid March that year.

In other news, our younger children are having a running argument about internet access. Our broadband router allows you to put curfews on specific devices - which we have taken advantage of. If Miss 14 is telling the truth, she has just boasted to her sister that she still has WiFi - ten minutes after it should have cut out. She really should have kept her mouth shut - because now (of course) I’m going to investigate.

Everything the children do or do not has become a battle recently. Miss 15 asked for an extra hour of WiFi now school has broken up for the summer holidays - she asked in the same pathetic voice usually reserved for pretending to be sick on school days. Why do kids do that? Do they really think their parents are THAT stupid ?

While clearing the kitchen after dinner - up to my elbows in washing up, and with the dishwasher hanging open, Miss 18 wandered in and tried to dump the glass she had just used into the dishwasher - on top of the clean things that I hadn’t put away yet. The fact that I even questioned what she was doing caused her to slam the glass down, march to her bedroom, and slam the door. I haven’t seen her since. That was two hours ago.

Apparently my brother-in-law is visiting tomorrow with a chainsaw type thing to help chop a huge chunk of the tree down that hangs over the back of our house. Therefore I’ll have to get the grass cut before that happens - because we’ll have nowhere to put the wood, so it will sit in the garden for the next thousand years with the grass growing around it until an archaeological dig finds it and wonders if it was some sort of ceremonial burial mound.

Anyway. I’m hot, I’m tired, and I have a huge pile of unread books that still tower over the bedside table. I’m going to go try and read one of them (and probably wake up in the morning with a creased book stuck to my face).