Sleeping All Day

When I got up this morning I felt awful. Really, really awful. While it would be easy to write it off as caffeine withdrawal after stopping drinking coffee and tea yesterday, I’ve done the whole “no caffeine” thing before, and apart from a few headaches, it’s never really affected me. So this was something else. My other half came downstairs a little while later this morning, took one look at me, and more or less instructed me to go back to bed. So I did. And I slept.I don’t think I can ever remember having such involved, or vivid dreams. Thinking back through them, they made sense too - they were not completely outlandish, scattered, or illogical. One dream in particular - the one I had shortly before waking up - told of an alternate reality that could absolutely have happened based on a sliding doors moment in the distant past. Now I’m conflicted of course - do I tell the person involved (an old friend) about the dream, or will it sound like the ramblings of a crazy person?“I had this dream where you and I ended up together, and it seemed so real - none of the last decade had happened - or at least, a very different version had happened”.Here’s the thing - although the person in the dream used to be a close friend, we drifted apart some years ago. Now I’m wondering if I should reach out at the very least. Was this the universe giving me a pretty major nudge, or the mangling of memories by a virus busy running my body at a ridiculous temperature ?When I eventually woke, I slowly made my way downstairs and discovered I had slept through the entire day. It was now early evening and my other half was getting ready for a night out with friends - a fundraiser at the local junior school that I should have been attending.“Don’t worry - I’ve already told everybody that you won’t be there. Oh, and you missed my Mum too”.It turned out the in-laws had visited during the afternoon, and left a birthday present for me. I slept straight through their entire visit.I’ve never slept through an entire day before. I’m wondering if it was like some sort of giant reset button being pressed in my brain - a re-boot of sorts? I still feel pretty awful this evening, and am kind of kicking myself, because I lost half the weekend. Maybe I need it though - need this - down time.