Stop the World

Having been back from holiday for a week and a half, I already feel like I need another holiday. It feels like I’ve been submerged since my return, and am losing the battle to reach the surface.

Work has been brutal since my return - fighting with enormously complex programming problems. For the last two days I worked from home (another story for another day), and am kind of glad I did, because it allowed me to focus more than I would if sitting in the office in the middle of conversations, phone calls, and endless rounds of coffee.

With a little luck the replacement battery for my mobile phone will arrive tomorrow. I’m entrusting it to a mobile phone store in town to do the actual replacement - I don’t fancy my chances with a heat gun. Once the battery is replaced, the phone should be as good as new - a four year old Android handset that cost half as much as an equivalent iPhone.

What else have I been up to in the quieter moments of the last few days ?

I haven’t played Minecraft. There’s been no time. I re-named my Tumblr account. Oh - I re-joined TinyLetter. I guess while I’ve been too busy to devote any time to writing blog posts, I started wondering if an email newsletter might be a good idea after all. I experimented with it about a year ago. I’m still not sure if I’ll actually use it.

It’s getting late. I should probably go to bed. Ah crap - I have to put the bins out first.

I’ll try and write something of consequence soon. At the moment each day seems to be running me over like a truck.