Working from Home

While preparing to bring my Christmas vacation to a screeching halt last night, and thinking through what I might need to prepare in terms of bike helmet, waterproofs, backpack, and so on, a thought occurred to me. After logging into my work email account, and working backwards through the last two weeks, I found the spreadsheet that had been copied around detailing who was working on which days. The notes accompanying the table of days and names made me smile - “the office will be closed until the 2nd January”. So here I am - working from home.

I’m holed up in the junk room - sometimes referred to as “the study” when I want to feel better about it. I’m listening to Spotify, sipping coffee, and doing some housekeeping of email, time-sheets, and outstanding research projects. Evernote may even see a spring cleaning of the technical notes that have hidden within it’s bowels for the last several years.

It always feels a little strange - working from home. Even though my co-workers are similarly holed up in their own houses, and only a voice chat away, it’s not the same as sitting across the room from them. I guess some might see that as a good thing.

The new bullet journal is sitting on the desk next to me - waiting to be filled with all manner of lists. I kept the bullet journal pretty strictly targeted at work last year, and only ended up filling half of it’s pages - this year I’m going to try using it for more things. I’m not entirely sure what those things might be yet - I guess the secret will be to remain open to how I might use it, rather than plan anything too much.

Anyway. It’s nearly lunchtime. How did that happen ?