It’s Sunday evening. The end of four days respite from work, and a return to relative normality in the morning. I will admit to having looked in quite some detail at Automattic hiring processes over the weekend. I doesn’t mean I’m going to apply any time soon - just that I found myself reading about other people’s experiences.

I can only imagine how an interview with Matt Mullenweg would go, should I ever decide to throw my hat in. “Yeah - I built a blogging platform before you forked b2 back in 2004 - I switched because I never set out to build a platform - I just wanted something to use”.

Here’s the slightly odd thing - I’m not sure I would want to be a developer again - I’ve been a “full stack” developer for decades now (that seems so strange to write - “decades”). I’ve worked on all manner of projects, with a huge range of technologies, for a diverse collection of clients. I’ve worn the consultant, designer, architect, developer, support, and many other hats during that time - sometimes stacking them all on top of one another. I guess that’s what “full stack” means - it never occurred to me before.

I’m not sure where I would add value. I’ve looked after friends Wordpress installations in the past - fixing them, changing them, building themes for them, and even hacking into them after they were stolen - you name it, I’ve probably done it.

I’m not sure how much experience really counts for any more - the world moves increasingly quickly. Knowing about something now means very little in five years time. Maybe my real value is a cynicism evolved through those decades of real-world projects - a sense of the right way to do something - of an elegant solution, and how difficult it might actually be to achieve.

Perhaps it’s just a nice daydream to have from time to time. I’ll let you know if it ever becomes anything more.