Five More Kilometres

After staying up half the night to watch the morbidly hilarious US presidential debate take place in the US - mostly waiting for Biden to ask Trump to grow up - I finally fell asleep at about 3am. Four hours later the alarm clock woke me up, and some idiot impulse in the depths of my stupid brain told me “you need to go for a run”.

I’m not entirely sure how I did it, but I ran another five kilometres. The first couple were easy. The next couple more a case of “just get through this”, and then the last one was spent winding through back streets towards home - avoiding legions of school children along the way.

Note to self - stay the hell away from grammar school children - they seem to think it’s fine to walk to school in groups of twenty or thirty, taking up entire footpaths, with no social distancing at all. There’s no point pulling them up, and questioning their behaviour though - they will know better. There’s a certain kind of aloof arrogance that pervades a huge demographic of the town where I live.

After slowing to a walk outside our house, I checked Stava on my phone, and half-noticed a blonde haired lady walking her dog. She seemed to be having a very in-depth conversation with her dog. I’m pretty sure dogs only really think “hungry”, “food”, “stick”, “cats!”, “squirrel!”, “tennis ball!”, “I need a wee”, “I need a poo”, “I love you!”, and maybe “I don’t think I should have chewed up that soft toy”.

Cats are so different, aren’t they. Most of their brain processing comes down to “because I can, and f*ck you”.

Oh - I forgot. George, the cat with no bits attempted to wee on the telephone socket AGAIN. I came downstairs to a huge puddle this morning, and considered grabbing him and rubbing his head in it. Strangely enough, he must have read my mind, and hid under the dining room table.

The rest of the day has passed in a blur of meetings, programming, and head scratching. For some reason mid-morning my back ceased functioning. I’m wondering if that has something to do with four hours sleep. Probably.