It’s Friday afternoon, with a bank holiday weekend stretched out ahead. I’m just taking a break from work for a few minutes to write this. It’s been a strange sort of week - filled with source code, testing, integration, head scratching, and quite a lot of frowning.

Rain is gently falling outside. Late yesterday the rain arrived suddenly - with a flash of lightning and clap of thunder. The internet connection dropped out instantaneously, and didn’t return for half an hour. It dropped out again earlier today for half an hour or so. I took it as a sign, and stopped for lunch.

I’m looking forward to a relaxed few days off, but fear that might not happen. The inlaws are visiting over the weekend at some point for lunch - and the lounge is filled with six months worth of things not put away by the rest of the family. I imagine tempers will flare on the part of everybody involved when asked to do something about it. We have somehow amassed more jigsaws and board games than most large toy shops, and my other half has slowly transferred more crafting projects than I knew existed in the universe into the lounge.

I sometimes wonder how the kids would react if I picked up the various things they have left on the floor, and threw them as hard as possible at the wall… cups, plates, mugs, glasses - all of it - smashed to bits in front of them. Shoes and clothes thrown directly into the rubbish bin. They would end up in their underwear, eating directly from saucepans with their bare hands within days.

I’m listening to Spotify again. Idina Menzel today. I haven’t listened to her in a while. She’s singing ‘I see you’. It’s kind of wonderful.