Slowly and Quietly

I’m spending a very quiet Saturday hiding out at home, reading all the things, and emptying my head into the keyboard. It feels like the writing mania that overtook me for the last several days is starting to recede. I do this - I go through phases - with most things.

Last month it was Chess. The month before that, pretending to fly in flight simulators. This month it has been writing. I never stick at anything for very long, but I always return to writing - I always have. Maybe I should take some notice of myself at some point.

While procrastinating - something I regard myself as particularly good at - I often get swept up in other people’s blog posts. I love people that tell self-deprecating stories about themselves - they inspire me to do the same. When the world tries to convince you that you’re a bit rubbish, it’s good to surround yourself with reminders that nobody is perfect, and that it’s the rubbish bits that often make us interesting.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I have a cup of tea to make, and an endless stream of tweets, photos and news stories to scroll through. Feel free to distract me.