The Darkest Timeline

Several years ago there was an award winning comedy on TV called “Community”. I discovered it late, and binge-watched four years of it in a matter of weeks. It centered around a community college in the US where a class of various mature students had banded together by chance into a spanish study class. It was loosely based on the experiences of Dan Harmon - the writer of the series - after he enrolled in community college to support a girlfriend.


In one of the episodes of “Community”, the same scene is played out several times in a row - which each permutation showing the results of a single action throughout the rest of that day. The “darkest timeline” became a meme as a result - where half the cast ended up injured, incapacitated, or on fire within minutes.

I can’t help think that’s a pretty good description of 2020. We are in the darkest timeline. And we have ourselves to blame - or rather, we have an entirely predictable minority to blame.

This evening the UK has been forced into a national lockdown by the government. You can dress it up any way you want, finger point, blame politicians, shout, complain, and whatever else you want to do - but the main reason we are where we are is because people have pushed guidance to the limit (or ignored it altogether). It’s incredibly frustrating.


For the next month I am not going anywhere, or doing anything outside of these four walls apart from an occasional run around town to maintain a little sanity, and to prevent my backside growing to fit the chair I’m sitting in.

p.s. in anticipation of lockdown, I bought some replica Super Nintendo controllers this afternoon - they arrive tomorrow. Who wants to play Mario with me ?