Bank Holiday Monday

Prodded more by the necessity of alternative earning avenues than the pursuit of creativity, I returned to the Medium well this morning and expanded on the words I wrote yesterday about the encounter with a group of teenagers littering the green outside our house.

I wanted to rip “Generation Z” and their parents a new one. I began writing with high minded ideals, objectives, and soap-box worthy points to make. While writing nearly all vestiges of bravery evaporated, leaving behind a fragile empathy of sorts.

While I might have controversial opinions from time to time, the fear of causing a scene generally prevents me from articulating them.

There are two draft pieces of writing waiting in the gun barrel - “The End of Woke”, exploring the baseless foundations of the somewhat fashionable online woke brigade, and “The Religion Paradox” - poking a stick at people of faith that cherry-pick elements of their chosen religion to espouse and preach.

I’m not sure if or when I might have the courage to click the publish button, or how much each piece might become watered down as I write it. I invariably end up playing devil’s advocate - fence-sitting - trying to see stories from both sides. Of course, fence-sitting invites attacks from both sides.


It’s a bank holiday in the UK today. A day off work. After two weeks of vacation/staycation, I return in the morning - or rather I pull the work laptop from my bag and sit here to begin an endless round of meetings.

I’m caught between spending my final evening off doing something worthy or noodling around on the internet. We all know how this ends, don’t we?