Coffee Break

The clock is ticking past four in the afternoon and I’m taking my first break of the day. I have a pretty bad habit of not stopping - I tend to work straight through lunch every day - eating over the keyboard in a madcap pursuit of seeing how much I can get done each day.

I should really force myself to go for a walk and get some fresh air. Maybe walk into town, buy a coffee from Starbucks, and sit in the park watching the river for half an hour. I wonder if it will be therapeutic in some way? Knowing me, I will end up writing notes en-route about something I’ve forgotten to do, or an intractable problem I’ve just solved. I’ve lost count of the things I’ve figured out while away from a computer or notebook, and then not been able to remember later.

I’m listening to the Hackers soundtrack album while writing this. It’s one of the best 90s dance compilations I know of - filled with the likes of The Prodigy, Underworld, Leftfield, and Orbital. I need to download more dance music - it’s great to put on in the background while working because it doesn’t have a distracting vocal - just a rhythm.

Since wandering back into Wordpress over the last few days it’s been wonderful to catch up with old friends. I’ve always been something of a rolling stone when it comes to blogging - never really settling, although Wordpress has always been a “home” of sorts.

Anyway. Break over. Coffee cup is empty and emails are arriving. I’ll be back.