wp:image /wp:image After the craziness of the last several weeks, today the world seems to be slowing down somewhat. I’m starting to judge how busy each day has been by the amount of notes scribbled in my bullet journal - yesterday was a “two page” day.

I completely forgot that Easter is approaching. I don’t have a religious bone in my body, but I’ll happily take the chocolate, and the days off work. I imagine I’ll end up cutting the lawn, and repairing the bike shed roof while I’m off. Fun times. We have a new (to us) lawn mower - we don’t know if it will work yet - we got it free from another family that had replaced theirs a few months back. It has rained ever since - this week has brought the first successive dry days since before Christmas.

At the beginning of the week I was put in charge of the work “social” video call. We started doing the social calls after the office closed - so we don’t feel quite so remote from each other. I had to think of something to talk about - to go around everybody asking. I went with “what movie, board game, or book have you most enjoyed during lockdown?”. I wrote down a huge list as people reeled off their favourites. I suppose the biggest take-aways were that everybody loved “The Queen’s Gambit”, and those that had read “Ready Player Two” thought it was pretty awful.

In between working and doing chores this week I’ve begun to reach out to one or two old friends on the internet. I’ve been absent from just about everything for months - it’s nice to find out how people are doing, and to catch up a little.

Anyway. Time to go make the two hundredth coffee of the day. Yes - I’m back on the coffee wagon. About my third or fourth since breakfast time - not two hundredth. I’ll be fine.

p.s. one more thing - in the interests of ruining everybody’s day - Unsplash (purveyors of “free” stock photos) were acquired by Getty yesterday - so say goodbye to free images eventually.