Losing and Forgetting

I rarely remember much about my dreams - but today seems to be an exception. Perhaps if the dream happens immediately before you wake up, it stays with you? Who knows.

In the dream I went shopping in town, visiting several stores. Afterwards, I found myself sitting at a table in a cafe with an acquaintance. As we got up to leave, I realised my shopping bag had vanished, and became really upset about it. You know the empty feeling when you realise something has gone? As I walked away, the person that had been sitting at the table with me returned from their car, holding my bag up, smiling.

I continued on to a bicycle shop to pick up my bike - which was in for some kind of service. The entrance to the shop was covered in wooden boarding, with a wooden ramp you had to climb. As I got further along the ramp, the boards started to fall away - becoming increasingly precarious with each step. Realising there was no way through, I climbed back down and walked to the back of the store, where a lady was sitting at a desk with a paper ledger of all the bike repairs. While she looked through the list for my bike - not finding it - I realised I hadn’t taken my bike there at all.

And that’s when I woke up.

I wonder if dreams do have meaning? I suppose the theme of the dream was about losing or forgetting things. Of course now I’m wondering what I have lost, or forgotten.