Running Before Work

Running Before Work
Photo by Tara Glaser / Unsplash

I went running this morning before work. Finally getting off my backside and doing something about my general level of health and fitness. Over the next couple of months I want to both get fit, and lose some weight.

It’s not rocket science. All I need to do is some sort of fitness on a regular basis, and stop eating snacks between meals.

The run went better than expected – although I have to say I much preferred running during lockdown. Every footpath and road was teaming with people, cars, and whatever else. Of course I still firmly believe that I’m unwittingly starring in my own TV show, and that the majority of those I cross paths with are actors – scheduled to get in my way.

I wonder if there’s an official name for thinking you’re in a TV show? Trumanshowphobia, or something?

While writing this, I’m watching the clock tick it’s way through lunchtime. Six more minutes until the work day resumes.

Just enough time to make a coffee.