Every Other Day

I seem to have fallen into a pattern of posting every other day at the moment. This is not intentional. Hell – posting every day was never really intentional – but I suppose it became a “thing” after a while. During the last year I probably went more than a month at various points without … Continue reading Every Other Day

Brain Dump

I’m not entirely sure where to start. I haven’t really sat down for longer than ten minutes all day. I’ve cleared all the washing, hoovered downstairs, cleaned the kitchen (more than once), made lunch for everybody, re-wired the phone and internet connection (which involved walking into town again to buy a wire), gone grocery shopping … Continue reading Brain Dump

Another Normal

After escaping late from the office this evening I returned to the hotel, folded my work clothes back into my case instead of preparing them for the morning – I fly home tomorrow – and set off into the evening air to find something to eat. It struck me that staying in a less comfortable … Continue reading Another Normal

One Day Down

The day began at 6am when the alarm clock went off on my mobile phone. This wasn’t the first time I woke up this morning of course, because guess who fell asleep while lying on top of the bed covers reading a book at 8pm, and then woke at 1am, 4am, and then again at … Continue reading One Day Down

Barbecue + Friends + Beer

I have been invited to a barbecue this evening – hosted by a wonderful friend that lives across the way. I’ll stop on the way home to buy beer and wine. After the last few weeks, I’m looking forward to an evening with old friends, eating simple food, laughing, and erasing recent stresses. Perfect start … Continue reading Barbecue + Friends + Beer

The Night Before

Last night I was invited out to the local brewery, which holds “members nights” every so often – for paid members to visit (along with two guests per member), and try out the various beers the brewery produces. They host a live band, a barbecue, and a chance to meet up with friends you might … Continue reading The Night Before


After work this evening I changed from the vaguely smart shirt and trousers I wear every day (clean shirt each day, obviously), into the vaguely less smart jeans and t-shirt to head out for something to eat. When I packed my bag to travel, I didn’t really think about it – and packed whatever clothes … Continue reading O’Reilly’s

The Road Less Travelled

It’s Thursday evening. I fly home in the morning. I’m sitting in my hotel room once again, listening to the rain pitter patter on the window, and figuring out what time I should leave in the morning to get to the railway station, before heading to the airport. I guess I can worry about that … Continue reading The Road Less Travelled

Beer Music and Rain

Yesterday evening I was invited out to the “members evening” at the local brewery. If you become a member of the brewery – which costs an annual amount – you get discount off beer from the shop on-site, and you get to attend members nights throughout the year. I think they are every few months. … Continue reading Beer Music and Rain