One Day Left

The year is finally winding down – there is only one day left. Looking around on the internet, everybody seems to be in reflective mood – looking back at things they have experienced, adventures they have been swept up in, and events that have happened around them during the last twelve months. I can’t help … Continue reading One Day Left

Keeping My Mouth Shut

I almost wrote a furious post at lunchtime about something that happened at the weekend – a series of things that happened at the weekend really – a direct response to the behaviour of a number of people I had the ill fortune to cross paths with. Rather than write anything I might later regret, … Continue reading Keeping My Mouth Shut

The Good and the Bad

While cycling home from work this evening through the early-evening darkness, an entire family walked out in front of me. The family comprised of two adults in warm coats, followed by a rag-tag train of small witches, zombies, and superheroes. Ah yes – of course – it’s Halloween. Along the way I passed many other … Continue reading The Good and the Bad

Every Other Day

I seem to only make it to the blog every other day at the moment, which is ridiculous because I have the week off work. I’m knocking around the house doing chores, walking into town running errands, and somehow filling each day with forgettable detritus. I’ll keep quiet about Grand Theft Auto 5. Yes, I … Continue reading Every Other Day

Winning and Losing

We spent the greater part of yesterday evening sitting in a packed auditorium at the big school in town – watching a local celebrity hand out awards to students throughout the school. Of course our main reason for being there was to watch Miss 14 receive an award for her cooking exploits. A local celebrity … Continue reading Winning and Losing

Terrifically Unfair

So much has happened in the last 18 hours. I’m having trouble processing it – struggling to arrange it all into a coherent story. Perhaps I’ll start at the beginning. I was sitting in the junk room yesterday afternoon, minding my own business, when a chat window appeared in the browser – a friend who … Continue reading Terrifically Unfair

Mr Cranky Pants Goes on Tour

My body performed it’s usual magic trick of waking up a few moments before the pre-programmed alarm clock this morning. I silently switched it off, and crept down-stairs. All clean underwear was on the folded washing mountain downstairs (which may fall on somebody one day, and necessitate a caving team to dig them out of … Continue reading Mr Cranky Pants Goes on Tour


Do you ever have moments, hours, or even entire days when you feel like you have been running on autopilot? I do. Maybe not entirely offline, but sometimes it feels like it.Take cycling home from work, for instance. I turn the pedals, the bicycle travels along, and I daydream about anything and everything – at … Continue reading Autopilot