Returning to Frankfurt

I’m returning to Frankfurt again – during the second week of October. I still need to book a taxi transfer to the airport, but everything else is now in place – the flights, and the hotel. Another week of evenings wandering the streets of a foreign city, and sitting alone in restaurants. I suppose on … Continue reading Returning to Frankfurt


I have somehow ended up with almost identical blogs at WordPress, Tumblr, and LiveJournal. Yes, LiveJournal still exists – stop laughing. Anyway – cutting a very long, introspective, and boring story short, I’m going to limit the almost-daily head emptying posts to just WordPress. I find myself being drawn into all three communities and trying … Continue reading Footholds

Distractions Abound

While working on some code this afternoon one of my co-workers wandered over to check if I had keys to the office. I glanced at the clock, and realised it was already 6pm. How the hell did that happen? After a quick call home to apologise in advance, I jumped on the bike and started … Continue reading Distractions Abound


It struck me late last night just how expert I have become at constructing walls around myself. Rather than expand upon my own thoughts and feelings, I’m more likely to describe the world around me. The end result is often that I take the reader with me on adventures, but I am largely absent. Continue reading Walls

Trying Scrivener

I’ve owned a copy of Scrivener for years – since my first proper tilt at NaNoWriMo back in about 2007 if memory serves. If you’ve not heard of it, Scrivener is a word processor designed for writers, where you can organise your writing projects into binders with research, chapters, and so on. It’s all rather wonderful, and lovely. Continue reading Trying Scrivener

Let There Be Pictures

This morning I took the earth shattering decision to start adding photos to my blog posts, and set about working backwards through the first few, choosing suitable pictures to accompany them. I’m not sure pictures really serve any purpose – I don’t really “do” photo-blogging. If nothing else, the pictures brighten the blog up a bit. Continue reading Let There Be Pictures

48 Hours

A lot can happen in 48 hours. A blog can be removed from existence, and fifteen years worth of posts – four and half thousand of them – can vanish into the ether. Of course this is the internet, and nothing ever vanishes without a trace. In this case that “trace” is the four and … Continue reading 48 Hours

In Limbo

I commented recently that I had fallen off the blogging horse. The months of daily posts came to a crashing end, replaced with television, books, video games – anything but writing. If this “not writing” thing is a hole in the ground, it still feels like I’m in it. I’m not so much struggling to … Continue reading In Limbo

Preparing to Fly

At breakfast time tomorrow morning a taxi will hopefully arrive at the end of our drive, waiting to whisk me to Heathrow Airport, ahead of another week in Frankfurt, Germany. I spent this morning ironing clothes into a travel suitcase that has accompanied me all over the world. Perched atop the suitcase are clothes for … Continue reading Preparing to Fly