Two More Sleeps

The last few days have been a blur. After visiting friends on Friday night for drinks and curry, I spent most of Saturday washing clothes, tidying the house, and running errands. I had been invited to visit another friend’s house for drinks in the evening, and almost didn’t go – but then changed my mind … Continue reading Two More Sleeps


I’m sitting in the junk room late on Sunday evening. Spotify is playing a quiet playlist in the background, and I’m sitting at the desk tapping away at the keyboard. I am not alone. Behind me, curled up in a cat bed we bought many moons ago, is a little black cat. He grew up … Continue reading Kaspar

Breaking Down

We were supposed to be visiting a foster carer looking after a young cat for the RSPCA today (the “Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals”, if you live outside the UK). We used this lever to galvanise the children into action – cleaning their rooms, and helping tidy the rest of the … Continue reading Breaking Down

Black Cats

It’s now a couple of weeks since we said goodbye to Sam, and whispered conversations have begun to gather pace around the house – wondering if George, the remaining brother, might be lonely – and wondering if we might start looking for some company for him. The conversations turned into telephone calls late last week, … Continue reading Black Cats

Goodbye Sam

While running back and forth through the hallway to our front door last Thursday, Sam sat in the way – cleaning himself. He didn’t seem too keen to move, and we just thought he was being belligerent. On Friday night, I noticed him walk past me in the kitchen, with a wet patch next to … Continue reading Goodbye Sam

Round and Round

While writing this post, the washing machine and tumble dryer are rumbling away in the background, I’m half listening to an old playlist on the ancient iMac in the corner of the room, the younger children are playing football with their friends on the green outside the house, our eldest is visiting a friend for … Continue reading Round and Round

Tuesday Evening

The clock is ticking towards 9pm, and I have done nothing all evening. Actually, that’s not entirely true. After returning from work I hung a load of washing on the line, put another load in the machine, cooked a pizza for dinner, ate the pizza, walked to the garage, bought ice cream for a planned … Continue reading Tuesday Evening