Living in Hope

After a Sunday morning standing in the cold on the touchline of a rugby pitch for two hours, stamping my feet and making conversation with other parents, I’m now home, sipping tea, and half-listening to the rather random playlist Alexa has decided I like. Miss 18 and Miss 13 have gone to watch a football … Continue reading Living in Hope


After waking to a blanket of grey skies this morning, the weather has been growing steadily worse. A fine mist of rain is now falling, painting the roads and footpaths with leaves from the trees, and filling the world with the smell of autumn. The washing machine and tumble dryer are fighting the good fight … Continue reading Miserable

Slowly and Quietly

I’m writing this a few minutes after 9am on Sunday morning. Summer seems to be ebbing away – the mornings are becoming a little colder – a little less inviting. Early next week we will escape the approach of autumn for a few more days – boarding an aeroplane in order to fight over sunloungers … Continue reading Slowly and Quietly

Every Other Day

I seem to only make it to the blog every other day at the moment, which is ridiculous because I have the week off work. I’m knocking around the house doing chores, walking into town running errands, and somehow filling each day with forgettable detritus. I’ll keep quiet about Grand Theft Auto 5. Yes, I … Continue reading Every Other Day

The Weekend Arrives

I’ve started writing this post several times over the last hour. I’m still not entirely sure where I’m going with it. Rather than actually write anything, I have procrastinated famously – installing two different text editors to try out, and vanishing down an internet rabbit hole in the process. Continue reading The Weekend Arrives

The one where Miss 17 cut her own hair

When I came downstairs this morning I looked in on Miss 17 and reminded her that I had bought a subscription to “Crunchyroll” yesterday, which appeared to be enough to eject her out of bed. If you’ve never seen it, Crunchyroll is a streaming TV service that plays Anime. The younger children seemed pretty excited too – until they realised the shows are all subtitled – they can’t read fast enough to keep up. She got up pretty damn quickly, and I half expected to find her wiping sleep from here eyes in the lounge – instead I found her looking in the mirror in the hallway. Continue reading The one where Miss 17 cut her own hair

Home Again

I got up ridiculously early yesterday – or rather, I tried to get up. You know the room spinning feeling when you go to bed after a night out? It felt like that. I staggered towards the bathroom to have a shower, and wondered what the hell was going on. I’ve had it happen in … Continue reading Home Again

A Quiet Weekend

After finishing work on Friday evening I cycled home via the supermarket with Miss 17, and picked up all manner of goodies to help out with dinner. The barbecue we lucked into on Freecycle was going to get it’s first try-out. I am reliably informed that “Friday night pizza night” has become “Friday night barbecue … Continue reading A Quiet Weekend


It feels like I’m juggling too many balls at the moment – somehow managing to keep them all in the air, but expecting to drop them all. I travel to Germany again on Monday morning. Another early morning taxi ride to the airport, ahead of another week holed up in a hotel. It’s all becoming … Continue reading Juggling