Walking the Streets

This post was going to be a rant-laden bucket of foaming invective about the failures of the Germany rail network, and the catalogue of first world failures exhibited by the down-market hotel I’m staying in this week. Instead, helped by a couple of glasses of wine and a couple of hours to calm down, I’m … Continue reading Walking the Streets

Walking the City Streets

After work this evening I dropped my bag at the hotel, changed my clothes, and set out along the river to the bar I have visited for the last several nights. While sitting quietly and sipping a beer, I watched the world go by while chatting with a friend on the internet, and called home … Continue reading Walking the City Streets

Flights Booked

Cutting a long and boring story very short indeed, this morning I have booked plane tickets and a hotel reservation to travel to Frankfurt in Germany with work. I’ll be there for the best part of a week. There’s only one problem – I can’t read, write, or speak German. One of my co-workers has … Continue reading Flights Booked

Not a Teacher

I’m teaching again. I hesitate to use the word “teaching” though, because I know lots of teachers, and respect them enormously. If they heard me tell anybody I was a teacher, they would probably descend on me like a bag of spanners, and pull my fingernails out one by one, while asking me how many … Continue reading Not a Teacher