Every time I sit down to write a blog post at the moment, something happens – or rather, something distracts me. You may have noticed the appearances of huge swathes of my memoirs from this year’s NaNoWriMo appearing over the last few weeks – this is where I confess that the only reason they appeared … Continue reading Sideways

Returning to Frankfurt

I’m returning to Frankfurt again – during the second week of October. I still need to book a taxi transfer to the airport, but everything else is now in place – the flights, and the hotel. Another week of evenings wandering the streets of a foreign city, and sitting alone in restaurants. I suppose on … Continue reading Returning to Frankfurt


I stopped drinking tea and coffee today. Completely. I haven’t been feeling very well for the last week, and while that is almost certainly down to a bug picked up in Germany, it got me thinking. I often laugh with friends that I’m pretty much “immune” to caffeine – I can drink an espresso before … Continue reading Detox

February Begins

How is it the beginning of February already? Where did January go? If I were to believe the various posts I have seen while dipping my toes into the acid laden waters of Facebook, most people seem to think January has been hanging around forever. Not for me. The few days off over Christmas and … Continue reading February Begins

Slow Start Saturday

The radio alarm clock exploded into life at 7am, filling the bedroom with the local radio station, playing pre-recorded news from the big networks. I rolled over, groping for my phone on the bedside table, and spent a few moments squinting at the avalanche of notifications that had stacked up overnight – swiping them away … Continue reading Slow Start Saturday

Late Night Shopping

I took the photo accompanying this post while wandering back towards home this evening – after most of the streets had already emptied of the thousands that descended on town for the annual “late night shopping” extavaganza that shuts the road, and causes motorists hours of hell in the surrounding area. While being bumped and … Continue reading Late Night Shopping

It’s All Lies

Photos like this are so full of shit. If I tried that, I would tip half of the coffee over the floor, and the drawing in the coffee would look more like a monkey peed on it from 18ft away. My “coffee making” skills extend as far as putting a cup in the coffee machine … Continue reading It’s All Lies