I have spent the evening tinkering with the new “Twenty Nineteen” theme that’s in sort-of-secret development at WordPress. It’s not generally available yet, but the beta is if you know how to acquire and install such things. Once upon a time I built WordPress themes and plugins to make money on-the-side – so I have … Continue reading Tinkering

Time to Dream

I’m not entirely sure where today went. A conference call with Germany first thing this morning uncovered some strange behaviour within the system I have been working on for the last several months. After digging a rather impressive hole through the source code, the deployment scripts, and who knows what else, I gradually narrowed down … Continue reading Time to Dream

Trying Scrivener

I’ve owned a copy of Scrivener for years – since my first proper tilt at NaNoWriMo back in about 2007 if memory serves. If you’ve not heard of it, Scrivener is a word processor designed for writers, where you can organise your writing projects into binders with research, chapters, and so on. It’s all rather wonderful, and lovely. Continue reading Trying Scrivener


This morning I was supposed to be tagging along with my other half to visit a nearby town to buy some clothes. Somehow the trip never happened. This kind of thing happens to me a lot – where I plan around something happening, and then the thing doesn’t happen. This is usually a cascading thing … Continue reading Saturday

Rabbit Holes

I have spent the greater part of this evening tinkering with a pretend computer that hasn’t existed for thirty years. That’s right – not even the real thing. I discovered a project some time ago on the internet called “Amibian”, that turns a Raspberry Pi into a Commodore Amiga – a computer that went out … Continue reading Rabbit Holes

For a Friend

There is a laptop on the desk in the junk room – it’s been there since yesterday evening. It belongs to a teaching assistant at the school where my other half works, and arrived at our house after spending two weeks at PC World, where all they achieved was locking him out of his own … Continue reading For a Friend