New Years Day

It always seems like the first post of a new year should have some important news to impart – the story of an adventure, an intelligent insight, or something equally engaging. Unfortunately I have nothing of the sort to share – caused mostly by celebrating the new year with friends until the early hours. While … Continue reading New Years Day


It’s almost half past seven in the evening, dinner is finished, the washing up is done, the kitchen is clean, the washing machine is on, and I’m in the dark of the study tapping away at the keyboard while the Spotify “Favourite Coffee House” playlist fills the room. Miss thirteen didn’t go to football practice … Continue reading Contradictions

Finding a Reason

My writing used to be so much better than it is now. Well crafted posts. Explorations of thoughts and experiences, wrapped in a literary style that I’ve lost somewhere along the way. Perhaps it is time to reclaim some of it. The ability must be lurking somewhere in the depths of my head – no … Continue reading Finding a Reason

The Fool on the Hill

Sometimes it feels like I’m this crazy person, sitting under a tree on a hill-top a little way out of town, typing away furiously on an imaginary typewriter, folding each page up into the shape of a paper airplane, and launching it into the wind to fall somewhere on the town below – where somebody … Continue reading The Fool on the Hill

Working and Writing

I realised today that the mountain I’m climbing at work is steeper than I thought. I’m tempted to dig in and work nights to get ahead of the game, but I’m not being paid to do that, and I doubt anybody will thank me for it. It’s a trap I’ve fallen into before, and I … Continue reading Working and Writing