Another Normal

After escaping late from the office this evening I returned to the hotel, folded my work clothes back into my case instead of preparing them for the morning – I fly home tomorrow – and set off into the evening air to find something to eat. It struck me that staying in a less comfortable … Continue reading Another Normal

Home Alone

Wednesday evening finds me sitting at a desk in the study, listening to Spotify, and wondering how much of today’s thoughts to empty into the keyboard. I’m accompanied by a can that was filled with cider until a few minutes ago, and a teddy bear propped on the corner of the desk, gazing into the room with the same silly grin he’s always had. Continue reading Home Alone

In Limbo

I commented recently that I had fallen off the blogging horse. The months of daily posts came to a crashing end, replaced with television, books, video games – anything but writing. If this “not writing” thing is a hole in the ground, it still feels like I’m in it. I’m not so much struggling to … Continue reading In Limbo

One Day Down

The day began at 6am when the alarm clock went off on my mobile phone. This wasn’t the first time I woke up this morning of course, because guess who fell asleep while lying on top of the bed covers reading a book at 8pm, and then woke at 1am, 4am, and then again at … Continue reading One Day Down

Two Glasses of Wine

For the last year or so, Tuesday nights have seen me break all manner of pretend fitness app step records, trudging around town to pick children up from one activity, and deliver them to another. One by one in the run-up to Christmas, those activities have come to an end. When I checked Google Calendar … Continue reading Two Glasses of Wine

Powered by Wine

It’s heading towards 10pm, and I have acheived very little this evening other than eat a curry, an entire family bag of peanut M&Ms, and drink half a bottle of cheap white wine.I stopped at the supermarket on my way home from work this evening. I didn’t plan on buying wine, but my eyes were … Continue reading Powered by Wine