The Invention of Lying

After playing a spirited game of “Settlers of Catan” with the children last night, I sat down late in the evening with my other half and said “shall we watch a movie?”. We rarely sit and watch movies together at home – either the children are wandering in and out of the room, we are … Continue reading The Invention of Lying

Lack of Belief

A friend challenged my apparent lack of faith earlier this evening, causing me to really think about my opposition to “faith”. It’s worth pointing out that I have no problem with people believing whatever they want to believe – as long as they respect my freedom not to share their belief. In the process of … Continue reading Lack of Belief

Sunday Morning

After an early night to give my body every chance possible of fighting off the virus that’s been hanging over it for the last week, I slid out of bed a little before 8 this morning, had a shower, shave, brushed my teeth, made a cup of tea, and then started looking for clothes to … Continue reading Sunday Morning

Opening a Can of Worms

Somebody I have known for quite some time, and respect enormously has requested repeatedly over the last few months for me to expand on some of the subjects I typically try to avoid in the blog. I guess the elephant in the room is always going to be my lack of belief in any of the organised … Continue reading Opening a Can of Worms

Lacking Belief

I was going to title this post “I don’t believe in anything, and I’m fine with that”, but it seemed a bit long. It’s already 1:30pm. After working straight through lunch yet again, I’m trying to force myself to stop for a while. Writing a few words into a forgettable blog post should at least … Continue reading Lacking Belief

What’s the Point?

After spending much of the weekend keeping the media at arms length, I felt it was time to write something at least to empty my head of the thoughts swirling around about the mayhem unfolding all over the place. On Saturday evening, England played Russia in a football match in Marseille, France. The night before … Continue reading What’s the Point?