Going Out Out

I’m sitting in the study at home (a rather grand title for the junk room, but it sounds sophisticated), at the old desktop computer, trying to think of where to start. We have been at a rugby match all day – watching our younger children play their first competitive game of the season. They lost … Continue reading Going Out Out

Autumn Arrives

It’s mid-morning on Monday and I’m taking a break from the mayhem for a few minutes. The day began in somewhat chaotic fashion, due to my other half picking up a bug over the weekend and calling in to work sick. We somehow managed to explode the children out of bed, and send them on … Continue reading Autumn Arrives

A Very Short Post

Just a few words to tell those of you that follow me that everything is fine, there is nothing wrong, and the gaps in my almost-daily posts are just down to life happening. I flew home from Germany yesterday, then went to the local radio station quiz night, spent much of today at the local … Continue reading A Very Short Post

Another Normal

After escaping late from the office this evening I returned to the hotel, folded my work clothes back into my case instead of preparing them for the morning – I fly home tomorrow – and set off into the evening air to find something to eat. It struck me that staying in a less comfortable … Continue reading Another Normal

Lunch and Dinner

The alarm on my work phone woke me with a start at 6am this morning, right in the middle of a dream that seemed significant at the time, but is now completely forgotten. I stared at the wall for five or ten minutes before finally scraping myself out of bed, and stumbling off in the … Continue reading Lunch and Dinner

Tick Tock Tea

After surviving a couple of days drinking water, and hopefully making it through the withdrawal from tea and coffee, it occurred to me this evening that I could drink redbush tea, because it has no caffeine in it. Redbush tea, also known as “Rooibos”, supposedly has all sorts of health benefits, which are of course … Continue reading Tick Tock Tea

One Day Down

The day began at 6am when the alarm clock went off on my mobile phone. This wasn’t the first time I woke up this morning of course, because guess who fell asleep while lying on top of the bed covers reading a book at 8pm, and then woke at 1am, 4am, and then again at … Continue reading One Day Down

Alongside the River

After arriving at Frankfurt Airport, and picking my way through the various hurdles that have become so familiar, I finally found myself standing in the queue for a train ticket at the railway station beneath the airport. I wondered quite what everybody was doing, taking so long over buying tickrets, until I finally got to … Continue reading Alongside the River