Final Day

I planned to write last night, but got sucked in by the World Chess Championship. Rather than go out for something to eat, I bought food from the supermarket and sat in front of the laptop in my hotel room, watching the games unfold. Before I knew it the evening had gone. This morning the … Continue reading Final Day


I made it through the third and final day working on-site – I fly home in the morning. I’m sitting in my hotel room with the window wide open, listening to the world go by outside – quite a noisy world, it turns out, given the railway station is only a few minutes walk away. … Continue reading Padlocks

Preparing to Travel

A travel case sits on the desk across the study from me, filled with clean clothes ahead of another week in Germany. I’ve decided to hedge my bets about the weather in Frankfurt over the coming week – packing summer rather than autumn clothes. If I get it wrong a late night shopping trip may … Continue reading Preparing to Travel

Missing a Day

Somehow, missing a day in the blog has become a “thing”. As I was getting ready for bed yesterday evening, it occurred to me that I hadn’t posted anything. I quickly reasoned that it was far too late, and I was far too tired. The truth was more along the lines of I couldn’t be … Continue reading Missing a Day

Returning to Frankfurt

I’m returning to Frankfurt again – during the second week of October. I still need to book a taxi transfer to the airport, but everything else is now in place – the flights, and the hotel. Another week of evenings wandering the streets of a foreign city, and sitting alone in restaurants. I suppose on … Continue reading Returning to Frankfurt

Another Normal

After escaping late from the office this evening I returned to the hotel, folded my work clothes back into my case instead of preparing them for the morning – I fly home tomorrow – and set off into the evening air to find something to eat. It struck me that staying in a less comfortable … Continue reading Another Normal