There’s Something In the Air

I’ve been here before. When life gets in the way, I think about shutting the blog down. I’ve followed through on it in the past, only to return a few weeks or months later. Thoughts of ending the almost seventeen year unbroken run of idiocy have been resurfacing again recently – I have confided in one or two close friends, and they pretty much laughed in my face.

“You do this every few months – sometimes every month – you do realise that, right?”

They are probably right.

I just know that these inward looking, recursive posts are becoming ever so sightly insane. There is more to life than this damn blog – there are books to be read, movies to be watched, and friends to catch up with – and yet there is only so much time in the day. I can’t do it all. There’s also the thought of writing something real – something proper – something that might become a short story, or a book.

Maybe I just need to slow down – not pressure myself into posting something or other nearly every day – and yet I look around and see so many I know plastering their life all over Twitter, Instagram, WordPress, Tumblr, and wherever else. I wonder how they do it – how they find time.

I need to find more time. I’ve searched my pockets already, and it’s still a mystery.

In other news, my head torch arrived in the post today. Now I can go running and do Dalek impersonations at the same time. I wonder if the rest of the running group will be weirded out by the tall guy shouting “EXTERMINATE” at strangers ?