Nothing in Particular

We made it to Friday again! Do we get cake, or party poppers or something? It feels like we should. I walked into work again this morning – dragging my eldest daughter with me. She’s sitting opposite me, quietly tinkering with something or other on her laptop, and fiddling with her bullet journal. It took … Continue reading Nothing in Particular

Making it to Friday

I think there should be an award for making it to Friday afternoon. Or maybe an award for making it to the end of every day. If there was an award for every day, does that fall into the Dash observation from The Incredibles though? (“if everybody is special, nobody is special”). I’m watching the … Continue reading Making it to Friday


Memory is a curious thing. While clearing the kitchen up last night I had a really good idea for a blog post. Unfortunately all I can now remember is that I had a really good idea – I have no recollection of what the idea was. Oh well. Today is Friday. I’m sitting at my … Continue reading Miscellaneous

Pretending to be Busy

I finished writing technical documentation for the project I’m working on a little after 11am this morning, and have been scratching around for anything to do ever since. There seems little point in starting development work, given that I’m only here for a few hours – next week I’m off to Germany again. The hotel … Continue reading Pretending to be Busy


I’m sitting at my desk at work, struggling to find the enthusiasm to drag the thing I’m working on over the finish line. There isn’t a finish line as such though – more “the next finish line”. Next week there will be another one, and another the follow week. The pattern will continue throughout the … Continue reading Avoidance

Audibly Exhaling

It’s late on Friday evening, and I’m racing to write a blog post before Friday becomes Saturday. It’s not so much a case of wondering where the evening went, or where the day went – more a case of where on earth the entire week went. I realised earlier that I haven’t even written this … Continue reading Audibly Exhaling


If I didn’t know better, I would say the old desktop computer in the study has got it in for me tonight. In the last ten minutes it has crashed twice. Perhaps the computer is trying to drop hints about the wisdom of posting to the blog when I have very little to share. Obviously … Continue reading Friday

Working from Home

After a mammoth session recording expenses for this week’s adventures in Germany, I returned home after lunch to keep Miss 17 company. Her teenage friends seem intent on turning her inside out at the moment, so of course I’m going up to bat for her again, and again, and again. None of this is in … Continue reading Working from Home

Back to the Future

Friday night has somehow become “Pizza Night” in our house – a lazy reward of sorts for making it to the end of the week. It started some time ago, when some friends of ours would regularly visit for the evening – we took turns buying the pizzas, I cooked them, and we hung out … Continue reading Back to the Future