Oh to be 13 Again

It's been a strange day. I got up early, and after having a shower and getting dressed, noodled around with this and that around the house - putting things away, emptying the dishwasher, putting a load in the washing machine - the usual morning chores. While folding clothes in the lounge, Miss 13 appeared in …

Going Out Out

I'm sitting in the study at home (a rather grand title for the junk room, but it sounds sophisticated), at the old desktop computer, trying to think of where to start. We have been at a rugby match all day - watching our younger children play their first competitive game of the season. They lost …

On the Outside

While scrolling through Tumblr this morning I started reminiscing about the "meetups" they once helped their users stage. You could register a meetup on the site, and they would advertise it, and send out a pack with table cards, badges, namecards - everything you might need to dress up a couple of tables in a …

Over and Over Again

I sat down at the desk in the junk room to write a blog post an hour ago. All I have done so far is listen to music on Spotify. Music from my distant past. While writing this, Wilson Phillips are singing "Hold On", and I'm remembering drawing a picture of them in the back of my college art sketchbook.


It's lunchtime at work, and I'm forcing myself to take a break. On a given day I sit here for hours - sometimes not leaving the chair all day, and then wondering why my legs are stiff when I get up to go home. Of course I cycle to work, so I'm not completely unfit, but I really should do something more. Years ago, I used to go running a couple of times a week - maybe I should try and make time for it once more. It's all about forming habits really - getting into a routine.

Pool Party Shenanigans

You know how you head into the weekend sometimes, and you have plans to do so many things - things for yourself - time to yourself. And then the weekend arrives, and all those ideas get blown away by a gust of wind. Yeah. That.

The Dying of the Light

After a day spent fighting virtual fires within the software leviathan I have been constructing for the last six months, I'm now sitting in the garden, slowly feeding kindling into a chiminea, gazing into altogether more real flickering flames.There's something about tending an open fire. I'm not sure if it's the smell of wood smoke, …