Scattered Memories

Today is the last “official” day of my holiday. My other half has returned to work, our middle girl has returned to school, Miss 17 starts her new college course in the morning, and Miss 13 returns to school tomorrow too. I’m busy going from one chore to the next around the house, trying to … Continue reading Scattered Memories

The Journey Home

Sound filled the room at 3am this morning, rousing me from fitful dreams and causing me to stumble across the room to reach the phone it was coming from. After squinting at the words and fumbling with the screen for a few moments, silence reigned again, and I rubbed my eyes. Half an hour later … Continue reading The Journey Home

Slowly and Quietly

I’m writing this a few minutes after 9am on Sunday morning. Summer seems to be ebbing away – the mornings are becoming a little colder – a little less inviting. Early next week we will escape the approach of autumn for a few more days – boarding an aeroplane in order to fight over sunloungers … Continue reading Slowly and Quietly

Two Weeks Off

I finished work at 5:30pm this evening, and cycled home through quiet roads towards home. The majority of the people that would normally be passive aggressively driving their cars home from work were nowhere to be seen – no doubt they are either sitting on beaches in sunnier climes, posting their toxic highlight reels to … Continue reading Two Weeks Off

Little or Nothing

After scraping myself out of bed a little after 9am this morning – perhaps the latest I have been up in many months – I busied myself with the usual round of chores for the first few hours of the day – washing up, tidying up, cutting the grass, and so on. I even cleaned … Continue reading Little or Nothing

Slowing Down

Two more days in the office, and then a week off. A week of working in the garden, tidying the hell hole of a house up, cleaning bathrooms, cutting trees down, and pretending to have a break. Because we all know it’s not going to be a break. It’s just an excuse to use up … Continue reading Slowing Down

Making Plans

It’s Saturday. The washing machine and tumble dryer are rumbling away in the background. I’ve just made lunch for everybody – I expect I’ll be washing up behind everybody in a few minutes. I’m finally getting the chance to sit down – at 1pm – to write something – to do something for myself. I … Continue reading Making Plans

Every Other Day

I seem to have fallen into a pattern of posting to the blog every other day. I’m not sure how it happened, but it does feel less forced. I really don’t lead an interesting enough life to post every day. I’m just trying to think if I have anything to report of consequence (a few … Continue reading Every Other Day

Counting Down the Days

Apart from a conference call that will determine much of the year ahead for me, I have little to do this week at work. I’m not entirely sure what I’m going to fill my days with, other than hiding in the office to avoid setting foot in the house and having to deal with everybody … Continue reading Counting Down the Days