Returning to Frankfurt

I’m returning to Frankfurt again – during the second week of October. I still need to book a taxi transfer to the airport, but everything else is now in place – the flights, and the hotel. Another week of evenings wandering the streets of a foreign city, and sitting alone in restaurants. I suppose on … Continue reading Returning to Frankfurt

Flying Home Tomorrow

Another week in Germany comes to and end. Another three day development sprint, working like a lunatic while the project owners test, make changes, and call various people in to discuss ideas. I guess this has been my first real experience of “Agile development” – where you release early, and release often. In the “real … Continue reading Flying Home Tomorrow

What’s in my Bags?

Here we are again – packing bags ahead of an early morning taxi ride to the airport. It’s all becoming a bit routine. I thought it might be interesting (to me at least) to go through the contents of my clothes bag, and backpack. I suppose it’s worth noting that I’m travelling out on Monday, … Continue reading What’s in my Bags?


It feels like I’m juggling too many balls at the moment – somehow managing to keep them all in the air, but expecting to drop them all. I travel to Germany again on Monday morning. Another early morning taxi ride to the airport, ahead of another week holed up in a hotel. It’s all becoming … Continue reading Juggling

Back to Work

After the adventure in Germany last week, it was back to earth with a bump today – emptying the dishwasher, making breakfasts and lunches, washing my bike, filling it’s tyres with air, and cycling to the office. Quite a contrast from living in a hotel within walking distance of the office. I spent the greater … Continue reading Back to Work


I woke ten minutes before the alarm on the phone this morning, and showed my face for breakfast in the hotel a little after 6am. After downing a coffee and some croissants, I finished packing my bag, checked out, and splashed through the rain to Frankfurt station. Half an hour later I was at the … Continue reading Home

Home in the Morning

I made it to the end of three days on-site in Germany. There is already talk of further visits later in the year – another in two weeks that is already booked, followed by two weeks in July, and two in September. Looks like I’m going to be spending quite a bit of time over … Continue reading Home in the Morning

Alongside the River

After arriving at Frankfurt Airport, and picking my way through the various hurdles that have become so familiar, I finally found myself standing in the queue for a train ticket at the railway station beneath the airport. I wondered quite what everybody was doing, taking so long over buying tickrets, until I finally got to … Continue reading Alongside the River

Preparing to Fly

At breakfast time tomorrow morning a taxi will hopefully arrive at the end of our drive, waiting to whisk me to Heathrow Airport, ahead of another week in Frankfurt, Germany. I spent this morning ironing clothes into a travel suitcase that has accompanied me all over the world. Perched atop the suitcase are clothes for … Continue reading Preparing to Fly