Ice Cream and Movies

There is a tub of chocolate ice cream waiting in the freezer for me. I bought it during a trip to the local store with our youngest daughter this evening. She appeared quietly in the junk room and quietly asked if I might accompany her. After asking why, she whispered somewhat conspiratorially that we were running out of a particular sanitary product that she needed. I quietly smiled, dropped everything, and pulled my shoes on.

On the way to the store I received a crash-course in female sanitary products. I love that our daughters have so few filters. Any game of “I spy” in our car devolves pretty spectacularly if anybody says “I spy with my little eye something beginning with B”. The immediate responses will invariably include “Bits?”, “Boobs?”, “Bums?”, and “Bogeys?”.

If anybody says “nipples” in the presence of our eldest daughter, she still dissolves into giggles. It’s kind of her kryptonite.

Anyway. What best to do with a tub of ice cream? My plans probably involve a rubbish movie, and staying up really quite late.

I was thinking the other day about movies, and how the kids don’t understand how signficant movies used to be. These days they turn on their phone, tablet, laptop, or whatever, and a world of movies fall out of the air in front of them. I’m old enough to remember BEFORE video recorders were common. There was a real sense of loss if you missed something when it was broadcast on television. There was no “catch-up”, “plus-one”, or “on demand”. You couldn’t buy the box set. I wonder what my grandparents would have thought of streaming movies, radio shows, and podcasts? They all died before the internet really took off.

Movies are becoming strangely disposable though. After getting home from the cinema at the weekend – watching the Godzilla movie – I had a look to see if any of the old Godzilla movies were available to download. If I had chosen to, I could have downloaded every monster movie ever made in the space of one night. On the way home from the cinema I assured my daughter that as impressive as the new Godzilla movie was, it wasn’t quite as good as watching some Japanese guy in a huge rubber suit stomping on cardboard houses. To prove the point I downloaded the original “Gojira” movie from the 1950s – after watching a few minutes of it, she saw my point.

Caramel Chew Chew

There is a tub of caramel ice cream sitting in the freezer – waiting for me to finish writing this blog post, stream a movie from the internet, and hole myself up in the junk room while I eat it.

My brain is running on empty. I’ve been learning something new at work, and while it’s interesting, exciting, and all those other words, it’s also incredibly draining. Actually – let’s scratch that – I’m not so much learning something new, as learning an entirely new way to look at the world – a new way to think about things – a new frame through which everything will need to be seen over the coming months and years.

It crossed my mind more than once today – while doing mental gymnastics – that I’m getting too old for all this idiocy. I’ve seen the studies on YouTube – I’ve seen how much more quickly young people pick up new things. Whereas I was once the swift sailing boat, I have become the lumbering supertanker. Sure, I carry decades of experience, stories, and whatever else, but I also take quite some time and distance to change direction.

I saw a supertanker once.

When I was young my uncle worked in the merchant navy, and would tell stories about the size of the ships he worked on. He circumnavigated the globe several times during his career – sending momentos back to his family from the most distant corners of the globe. Although I didn’t think twice about it when I was young, we had a coffee table from Fiji. Go figure. A few years later my Dad built a boat, and we would spend weekends going sailing off the south west coast of England. During one of those vomit inducing trips, I remember fingers being pointed to the horizon, and a vast slab of steel just being visible in the far distance. It was a supertanker. Several football pitches long, lumbering across the ocean. We saw coastal freighters pass in front of it during the day – many miles in front of it, and still dwarved by it.


Ice cream.

This is where I publish the blog post and then set off in search of something interesting to watch – which could take some time. The rest of my family castigate me for flicking endlessly through movies before choosing anything. I wonder how long tonight’s selection might take ?

p.s. I’m working from home tomorrow.