Absolute Avoidance

I’ve been sitting in front of the laptop for the majority of the day, with a text editor open – ready to receive the usual stream of idiotic thoughts that invariably pour from my brain. For one reason or another, I’ve written nothing. All day. Nothing at all.

I’ve put several loads of washing through the washing machine, hung clothes out to dry, sorted our youngest daughter’s computer out for her, re-booted the WiFi router, washed up the dishes – you name it, I’ve done it – everything except write a single damn word for the blog.

It’s not so much procrastination, as absolute avoidance – and I have no idea why.

In the past I have gone through barren spells – so I’m not panicking too much. By tomorrow I’ll no doubt have discovered the next great side-quest in this supposedly unplanned adventure. My daughters have even come around to the idea that I’m starring in my own Truman Show – whenever I approach a road to cross it on foot, cars will appear from nowhere, preventing me from crossing. We have begun referring to them as “non player characters”.

Maybe this all IS a simulation.

You know the old saying – about waiting for a bus, and then two come along at once? What if that’s because the world works the same way as Grand Theft Auto – and the vehicles on the road aren’t entirely random?

I’ll shut up now. You can stop gawping at the screen, slack jawed at my idiocy.