Let’s Write a List

Today’s writing exercise from the totally fabricated faculty of Blogging University is a list. It could be any list, but I’m guessing a list of goals, inspirations, or past fails is going to be far more interesting than a shopping list (although posting something that meta is kind of enticing). The first list that springs … Continue reading Let’s Write a List

I write because…

I’m doing well this week. I signed up for one of the WordPress University courses yesterday, and then completely missed the first assignment arriving in my in-box. Does that mean I currently hold the record for missing the start of the course, let alone the fifth, sixth, or seventh exercise? The title of today’s exercise … Continue reading I write because…

Ignorance is Bliss

It struck me today that social media is becoming just as toxic as fashion and beauty magazines. There is probably a direct correlation between the photo-shopped cover images, and the pretend lives that some people construct through Facebook, Instagram, WordPress, and Tumblr. The scary thing to me at least, is that so many people seem … Continue reading Ignorance is Bliss


Many years ago I went to college, and spent the better part of two years drawing people in various states of undress. One of the projects intended to fill our head with ideas was “Pop Art” – which began by being paraded in front of various canvases by Warhol, Ernst, and Lichtenstein at the Tate Gallery … Continue reading Marilyn