New Years Day

It always seems like the first post of a new year should have some important news to impart – the story of an adventure, an intelligent insight, or something equally engaging. Unfortunately I have nothing of the sort to share – caused mostly by celebrating the new year with friends until the early hours. While … Continue reading New Years Day


Christmas already seems like a memory – which is a strange thing to say, because it was only a few days ago – but it is already falling into the past – something that happened – not something that just happened. Maybe it feels so strange because we are in the days between Christmas and … Continue reading In-Between

Finding a Reason

My writing used to be so much better than it is now. Well crafted posts. Explorations of thoughts and experiences, wrapped in a literary style that I’ve lost somewhere along the way. Perhaps it is time to reclaim some of it. The ability must be lurking somewhere in the depths of my head – no … Continue reading Finding a Reason

The Fool on the Hill

Sometimes it feels like I’m this crazy person, sitting under a tree on a hill-top a little way out of town, typing away furiously on an imaginary typewriter, folding each page up into the shape of a paper airplane, and launching it into the wind to fall somewhere on the town below – where somebody … Continue reading The Fool on the Hill

Mr Cranky Pants Goes on Tour

My body performed it’s usual magic trick of waking up a few moments before the pre-programmed alarm clock this morning. I silently switched it off, and crept down-stairs. All clean underwear was on the folded washing mountain downstairs (which may fall on somebody one day, and necessitate a caving team to dig them out of … Continue reading Mr Cranky Pants Goes on Tour