I have somehow ended up with almost identical blogs at WordPress, Tumblr, and LiveJournal. Yes, LiveJournal still exists – stop laughing. Anyway – cutting a very long, introspective, and boring story short, I’m going to limit the almost-daily head emptying posts to just WordPress. I find myself being drawn into all three communities and trying … Continue reading Footholds

Bank Holiday Monday

Today is a bank holiday in the UK. I’ve been up since 8am, and haven’t really got anything done. Sure, I fed the animals, and let the chicken out (we’re looking after it for the local infant school), but other than that – nothing of consequence. I re-installed the old desktop computer with Ubuntu Linux. … Continue reading Bank Holiday Monday

Snow Day

I woke at about 7am this morning, with a pounding headache. Downing several cans of craft cider the night before will do that to you if you’re not used to drinking any more. Snow had been forecast, and I couldn’t be bothered to wipe away condensation on the bedroom window to take a look – … Continue reading Snow Day

A Wanderer Returns

You know the one where you start the year disconnecting yourself from social media, blogging, instant messaging, and everything else – swearing that you’re done with it – but then slowly find yourself returning ? That. At least I didn’t delete any accounts this time. I’m learning. Slowly. Maybe we’ll call it a rest. A … Continue reading A Wanderer Returns

Contemplating Armageddon

I thought about retreating from the internet today. I’ve done it before. I thought about tearing down this cardboard construction of blog posts, photos, status updates, and messaging accounts, and retreating back under a sturdy looking stone. I haven’t done it yet. I’m thinking about it though. I need to remind myself why I built … Continue reading Contemplating Armageddon

Aligning the Planets

I pulled the trigger on something this morning. Something I have been thinking about for some time. I guess you could call it “aligning the planets”, but you could also call it “slipping further under the radar”. I’ve renamed the WordPress blog to match Tumblr, LiveJournal, KIK, and Snapchat. Of course I’ve renamed before – … Continue reading Aligning the Planets