Phone Charge Anxiety

While traveling home from London on Saturday evening, the battery on my mobile phone died – much to the amusement of my eldest daughter, who I had accompanied for the day. I will admit that it was likely all my own fault – since getting an iPhone, I have been installing anything and everything – … Continue reading Phone Charge Anxiety


I’m catching the early train to London tomorrow morning with Miss 18 – we are visiting HyperJapan – an expo of everything to do with Japanese culture – food, art, movies, music, clothes, manga, anime, cosplay, and so on. It’s all my fault apparently – for getting her started on Studio Ghibli movies, and manga … Continue reading HyperJapan

Monday Morning, 9am

The clock has just ticked around to 9am. I’m sitting in the heart of Heathrow Airport in London, a few yards away from one of the departures boards. My flight is steadily moving up the board – with a note that the gate will be shown in about three quarters of an hour. As is … Continue reading Monday Morning, 9am

Departure Lounge

It’s 8:55am, and you find me sitting in the middle of the departure lounge at London Heathrow airport. I woke at 6am, had a shower, then made bacon sandwiches for the children before discovering we had run out of milk to make coffee. After a few sips of redbush tea, I spotted a waiting taxi … Continue reading Departure Lounge


It’s 9:04 on Monday morning, and I’m sitting in the departure hall of Terminal 2 at London’s Heathrow Airport. I’ve chosen to sit right in the middle of the departure hall, because bizarrely it’s the quietest place. On one side the seating area is surrounded by endless shops that very few people seem to set … Continue reading Departure

Watching the Clock

When I woke at 6am this morning, I instinctively checked my phone for messages, and discovered my flight to Germany had been cancelled. Ten minutes later, while squinting at a computer screen in the dark of the study downstairs, I had re-scheduled to a later flight, and called the taxi company too. The later flight … Continue reading Watching the Clock

Victoria and Albert

The alarm on my mobile phone ripped into life at 6am this morning, and woke me with a start. I was in the middle of an intense dream about something or other – I remember wanting to go back to the dream, but can’t remember what on earth the dream was about. I watched the … Continue reading Victoria and Albert

Hyper Japan

I have a very early start in the morning – heading into London on the train with Miss 16 to visit “Hyper Japan” – a festival of all things Japan at the Tobacco Dock in London. Until half an hour ago I had no idea where the Tobacco Dock was – we’ll be getting the … Continue reading Hyper Japan