I made it through the third and final day working on-site – I fly home in the morning. I’m sitting in my hotel room with the window wide open, listening to the world go by outside – quite a noisy world, it turns out, given the railway station is only a few minutes walk away. … Continue reading Padlocks

Over and Over Again

I sat down at the desk in the junk room to write a blog post an hour ago. All I have done so far is listen to music on Spotify. Music from my distant past. While writing this, Wilson Phillips are singing “Hold On”, and I’m remembering drawing a picture of them in the back of my college art sketchbook. Continue reading Over and Over Again

Third and Final Day

Here I am again, sitting in the junk room at home, emptying my head into the keyboard. I have no adventures to relate as such – other than wanting to kill next door’s dog, which has barking non-stop all morning. I’ve turned Spotify up to eleven to drown it out. An eighties playlist is waking … Continue reading Third and Final Day

Round and Round

While writing this post, the washing machine and tumble dryer are rumbling away in the background, I’m half listening to an old playlist on the ancient iMac in the corner of the room, the younger children are playing football with their friends on the green outside the house, our eldest is visiting a friend for … Continue reading Round and Round


While walking into town to buy groceries this morning I whiled away a few minutes scrolling through the Tumblr dashboard, and happened upon a distant friend mentioning a song by Christina Perri called “A Thousand Years”. A note had been left for them while saying goodbye to co-workers after moving jobs, with the lyrics in … Continue reading Human

How I Met Your Mother

Given that everybody gets a free pass to be as sentimental as they want in a personal blog, and that I have just read a wonderful blog post about meeting people for the first time, I thought I might share how I met my other half. Back in the spring of 2000 I had just … Continue reading How I Met Your Mother