Manic Monday

I have “Monday Monday” by the Bangles bouncing around inside my head today. It won’t go away. I think “Eternal Flame” by The Bangles may have been the first twelve inch single I ever bought. Oh crikey – it just occurred to me that most people younger than perhaps thirty will have no idea what … Continue reading Manic Monday

Preparing to Fly

At breakfast time tomorrow morning a taxi will hopefully arrive at the end of our drive, waiting to whisk me to Heathrow Airport, ahead of another week in Frankfurt, Germany. I spent this morning ironing clothes into a travel suitcase that has accompanied me all over the world. Perched atop the suitcase are clothes for … Continue reading Preparing to Fly

Working and Writing

I realised today that the mountain I’m climbing at work is steeper than I thought. I’m tempted to dig in and work nights to get ahead of the game, but I’m not being paid to do that, and I doubt anybody will thank me for it. It’s a trap I’ve fallen into before, and I … Continue reading Working and Writing

Putting Pen to Paper

Over the last ten years I have emptied my head from time to time into the pages of a paper notebook. I remember buying the first one – a Moleskine, because that’s what everybody seemed to be raving about at the time. I had recently bought my first Macbook, and was actually putting effort into … Continue reading Putting Pen to Paper

First World Problems

At the moment I seem to be caught in a battle for the heart and mind of my organised self. The protagonists are the phone, a collection of various internet services, and the Filofax. I suppose this could be whittled down to “gadget vs. web vs. paper”. The phone could be great – if only … Continue reading First World Problems

Carrying a World

I’m still buried in a huge development project at work – I dread to think how many thousand lines of Javascript are now in play. For the last couple of days I’ve found myself working pretty much around the clock. Burning the candle at both ends. I have been the only developer on the project … Continue reading Carrying a World