February Begins

How is it the beginning of February already? Where did January go? If I were to believe the various posts I have seen while dipping my toes into the acid laden waters of Facebook, most people seem to think January has been hanging around forever. Not for me. The few days off over Christmas and … Continue reading February Begins

Counting Down the Days

Apart from a conference call that will determine much of the year ahead for me, I have little to do this week at work. I’m not entirely sure what I’m going to fill my days with, other than hiding in the office to avoid setting foot in the house and having to deal with everybody … Continue reading Counting Down the Days

Work, Money, and Ethics

My parents are by most people’s standards, “independently wealthy”. Our family had a family business when I was growing up – a pretty major quarry that made bricks, slabs, and all sorts of other architectural stone products. Many of the housing developments for the hundred or so miles around Oxford used the stone. I grew … Continue reading Work, Money, and Ethics