Final Day

I planned to write last night, but got sucked in by the World Chess Championship. Rather than go out for something to eat, I bought food from the supermarket and sat in front of the laptop in my hotel room, watching the games unfold. Before I knew it the evening had gone. This morning the …

Monday Morning, 9am

The clock has just ticked around to 9am. I’m sitting in the heart of Heathrow Airport in London, a few yards away from one of the departures boards. My flight is steadily moving up the board - with a note that the gate will be shown in about three quarters of an hour. As is …

Autumn Arrives

It's mid-morning on Monday and I'm taking a break from the mayhem for a few minutes. The day began in somewhat chaotic fashion, due to my other half picking up a bug over the weekend and calling in to work sick. We somehow managed to explode the children out of bed, and send them on …

Every Other Day

I seem to only make it to the blog every other day at the moment, which is ridiculous because I have the week off work. I'm knocking around the house doing chores, walking into town running errands, and somehow filling each day with forgettable detritus. I'll keep quiet about Grand Theft Auto 5. Yes, I …

Saturday Morning in the Book Shop

The day began with the clock radio bursting into life, and filling the room with utter dross. I squinted my eyes open and watched the seconds and minutes pass on the bedside clock, wondering how long I might lay there before somebody might consider there was something wrong with me. Minutes? Hours? I'm guessing we'll never find out, because the curious instinct to "not waste the weekend" kicked in, and carried me downstairs for a shower.


It's lunchtime at work, and I'm forcing myself to take a break. On a given day I sit here for hours - sometimes not leaving the chair all day, and then wondering why my legs are stiff when I get up to go home. Of course I cycle to work, so I'm not completely unfit, but I really should do something more. Years ago, I used to go running a couple of times a week - maybe I should try and make time for it once more. It's all about forming habits really - getting into a routine.

A Case of the Mondays

I'm back drinking coffee again. Or at least, I am this morning. I had a cup yesterday too. Before you roll your eyes, and say "I knew you wouldn't last", it's been over a month. I'm not returning to four or five cups a day, because that's ridiculous (and was ridiculous). Maybe just a cup now and again, because I like coffee.