One Day Left

The year is finally winding down – there is only one day left. Looking around on the internet, everybody seems to be in reflective mood – looking back at things they have experienced, adventures they have been swept up in, and events that have happened around them during the last twelve months. I can’t help … Continue reading One Day Left


Christmas already seems like a memory – which is a strange thing to say, because it was only a few days ago – but it is already falling into the past – something that happened – not something that just happened. Maybe it feels so strange because we are in the days between Christmas and … Continue reading In-Between

Slowly and Quietly

I don’t go back to work until Thursday, and am trying to keep well away from my work phone, which sits in the pocket of my backpack, just across the room from me. I know most of my co-workers return today. It feels like I’m dipping a toe into the new year – inching my … Continue reading Slowly and Quietly

Reflection and Goals

I’ve never quite understood the mania that some people experience at the end of each year – setting out either a list of the things they achieved over the past twelve months, or stacking up a series of goals they would like to achieve in the next twelve. I’m not questioning them – if they’re … Continue reading Reflection and Goals

Looking Back

It seems somehow appropriate, given that we are spending New Years Eve on our own at home, to look back over the last 12 months and write a few well considered words about how well or badly I think the year went. Here’s the thing though – I don’t think anybody is remotely interested in … Continue reading Looking Back