Every time I sit down to write a blog post at the moment, something happens – or rather, something distracts me. You may have noticed the appearances of huge swathes of my memoirs from this year’s NaNoWriMo appearing over the last few weeks – this is where I confess that the only reason they appeared … Continue reading Sideways

The Stars Return

While walking into town this evening with Miss 13 on a doomed mission to purchase tea lights for the pumpkins the children have been carving for Halloween, I happened to look up at the night sky. After the clocks changed last weekend we have dark skies in the evening again. Twinkling overhead we saw Cassiopeia, … Continue reading The Stars Return

Another Normal

After escaping late from the office this evening I returned to the hotel, folded my work clothes back into my case instead of preparing them for the morning – I fly home tomorrow – and set off into the evening air to find something to eat. It struck me that staying in a less comfortable … Continue reading Another Normal

The Dying of the Light

After a day spent fighting virtual fires within the software leviathan I have been constructing for the last six months, I’m now sitting in the garden, slowly feeding kindling into a chiminea, gazing into altogether more real flickering flames. There’s something about tending an open fire. I’m not sure if it’s the smell of wood … Continue reading The Dying of the Light

Silence Descends

The younger children are in bed already, put to sleep by watching the England team play their opening game in the World Cup. They had such high hopes, but completely lost interest by half time. Of course England scraped a win, but within a week or two the entire team will probably be splashed across … Continue reading Silence Descends

About Last Night

Last night we were invited to spend the evening having a barbecue with old friends. It was needed. If you’ve been reading these posts for the last few weeks, you’ll know how distracted, stressed, tired, and irritable I have been. I don’t think I’ve ever filtered quite so much from the blog. As evening turned … Continue reading About Last Night

Home Alone

It’s heading towards midnight, the children are fast asleep in bed, and I’m sitting alone in the study typing up a blog post on the old desktop PC. I can hear the tumble dryer rumbling away in the background, and the occasional clunk of the cat-flap as the cats come and go. I’m listening to … Continue reading Home Alone